"One hell of a shit-kickin'
musical show."



“Utterly enjoyable... 
Sheer honky-tonk charm."


Sidle up to the bar at the Horseshoe Tavern where big-haired, sweet-voiced country darling Charlane Tucker is booked to play a set of barroom classics. She's not shy about the motor behind her cross-country tour: get her heart broken enough times to be sad enough to write the perfect country song
But her live show— with the Horseshoe's stellar house band— veers wildly off course when a past fling unexpectedly turns up. You have a front row seat for a night of whiskey-fueled drama. A story about not giving up, despite the odds, 100 Heartbreaks is a raucous send-up of and love song to the good ol' days of country music.