Give your audiences a heck of a good time. 

100 Heartbreaks operates under a co-production model. If you are a theater or producer interested in partnering with our producing team to set up a run of the show at your theater, bar, or performance venue, please get in touch! Our producers are passionate about theater experiences where the audience is essential, immersed, and entertained. 

Look out at the crowd at any performance of 100 Heartbreaks and you'll see a joyful array of audience members. We attract boot-stompin' country fans, young bar-goers, couples on a date (including reluctant partners who tell us after, "I thought I hated country music"), theater lovers looking for a unique live experience; and older folks excited for a taste of country music's golden age—with a new spin. 

100 Heartbreaks works in a theater cabaret space, in an actual bar, or any venue with flexible seating, bar availability, and a sound system. The show has minimal set, props, and costumes. We've had success in both regular evening slots and late-night showtimes. 

We are happy to discuss casting options, including bringing in the show pre-cast and rehearsed, or working with your local musicians and actors. This small cast musical only calls for six performers: one leading lady, four actor/musicians, and a actor/bartender.

Booking & Press Inquiries: